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Big news for summer 2014

We´ve got some new digs for the coming summer! :) Anyone recognise it? We´re working hard on the renovations ready for when the new wave starts running. There´s more pictures to come after the facelift ;)

The changes to Silz wave are looking good!

Now all we have to do is wait for some snow to melt. In the mean time I guess we´ll just have to keep riding ;)

Just another powder day in Ischgl

An awesome panoramic picture from another satisfied customer. Just one of many taken over a long weekend spent shredding in Sölden, Lech, & Ischgl. It´s amazing what you can do with a mobile phone these days. 

How we fit a few extra kayaks on the roof ;)

Excitement mounts at Silz wave, step 2.

After the success of 2013´s work on the wave done by Area47, construction has now started on the 2nd step. The river left side of the wave will be slightly modified to make last year´s wave smoother and more uniform, while a new ramp in the middle of the river is built, to create a bigger, steeper and more extreme wave.


To say that we are really excited to see the outcome is a bit of an understatement.


We will be posting regular picture updates as the construction continues. And will of course be the 1st to test the results when the water level´s rise, so stay posted.

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