Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the minibus have winter tyres and/or snow chains?

Our vehicles are kept to very high operating and cleanliness standards. During the winter months it is the law to drive with winter tyres in Austria. We only use high quality and regularly replace our tyres to ensure the best grip in snowy conditions. During snow storms or to get to and from certain hotels in resorts we may use snow chains for added grip. This can lead to a slightly longer transfer time but is important for your safety.

How can we pay?

Airport transfers can either be paid in cash directly to the driver at the end of the journey or by bank transfer up to 3 days before the journey.

Please feel free to add a tip for the driver to show your appreciation for his service.

Can we pay by Credit/Debit card?

Sorry but we don´t accept cards. We want to offer you the best prices possible so by eliminating card payment fees, we believe this is in both our best interests.

Which airports do your transfers run from and to?

Innsbruck, Munich, Salzburg, Zürich, Memmingen and Friedrichshafen.

What happens if our flight is delayed?

We have a note of your flight number and will monitor the arrival of your plane. There are no extra fees for delayed flights. We appreciate a little help, so please feel free to send us a text message if you experience any inbound delays.

If your outbound flight is known to be delayed it may be possible for us to change your pick up time. Please contact us if you would like to rearrange the pick up time.

Please be punctual for your arranged pick up time, and assure that your hotel bill is paid and your luggage is ready to be loaded by the driver. Delays at your hotel can lead to stressing to get to the airport on time, which means a less comfortable journey for you and your driver.

What do we do if our flight is diverted?

During bad weather it is not uncommon for flights to be diverted to other airports. Please contact us immediately by telephone and help us get an idea of when you will be arriving at the airport. We can track the planes online but not the buses used for diverted flights.

It may be possible for us to collect you at the diverted to airport to make your delayed journey more comfortable. Additional costs may apply.

Who is a White Descents holiday for?

Our holidays are for you if you’re over 18 and are an intermediate-advanced level skier/snowboarder.  We customize holidays to suit you and your chosen group of friends who want a truly unique experience of the Alps.


Why are there no prices listed on your website?

At White Descents we offer totally customized winter sports holidays. Until we know the size of your group, your accommodation preferences and if you have any special requests, it is very hard for us to give you a price.

Why not contact us for a no-obligation quote based on your group´s plans.


Is this for me if I have never skied or snowboarded before?

As a complete beginner skier or snowboarder you will be occupied enough in one resort for the first several days.

So unless you´re only coming along to accompany your more experienced buddies, as a beginner, a White Descents holiday is probably not your best option.


How long does a White Descents holiday last?

Our holiday prices are based on trips of 7 days, with Saturday arrival and departure in the winter. 


Shorter & longer breaks or other arrival & departure days are subject to accommodation availability.


Will we have guides or instructors?

Your White Descents crew will not act as mountain guides or ski instructors. We can advise you as to the current weather, snow or water conditions and make suggestions as to which locations are best for you and your group; we will then bring you to your destination and be ready to pick you up at the end of your run. If you would like a guide or instructor for all or part of your stay we can arrange one for you.

How far do we have to travel each day?

That´s entirely up to you! There is a great family resort right on your doorstep. Within one hour´s drive from your accommodation the choice of resorts increases greatly.


What time will my day start and end?

Again, this is entirely your choice. We can join you during breakfast to help your group plan your day, and we´re ready to move when you are. When you´re ready to head home, so are we.


What will I need to bring with me?

Yourselves, good humour and a sense of adventure!

For winter sports equipment we will bring you to a top quality rental shop, where you can try and choose from the latest gear available for rent. Or again, bring your own if you prefer.

You will also need money for meals, drinks, lift passes and maybe the odd souvenir.


What equipment do you provide?

We don´t provide any wintersports equipment. We will however bring you to a top store for renting everything you need to make your holiday awesome.





What is included in the price of my winter sports holiday?

Prices are based on a 7 day winter sports holiday for up to 8 people, with a Saturday arrival & departure day.

Prices include all transfers and accommodation with breakfast.

Not included: Flights, equipment rental, meals (unless otherwise specified), drinks, ski lift passes, personal accident insurance and guiding or instruction.

Shorter and longer breaks or other arrival days, subject to accommodation availabilty.


Aren´t single day ski lift passes much more expensive?

Single day ski lift passes are a little more expensive than the price per day of a multi-day pass. However should you experience a bad weather day or fancy a more relaxed, half day´s skiing (half day passes are available in most resorts) or even a day off, you can save by not having paid for a multi-day pass. You can only receive refunds from a multi-day pass if you have received an injury or illness preventing you from skiing, not for example, for bad weather. This has to be confirmed by a local doctor before a refund will be granted.


Why do you only cater for groups of 2 to 8 people?

We only have space for 8 passengers in our minibus. If your group has more than 8 members then feel free to ask, we will happily try and arrange something special for you.


You can´t find an answer to your questions here?

Then please simply write to us at:

use our contact form, or call to speak to us personally:

Tel: +43 650 8610959


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